SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SWACHHTA & RURAL ENGAGEMENT CELL (SES – REC) of Sir Theagaraya College was formed under the direction of Ministry of Education, Government of India through Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Hyderabad. The aim of this Cell is to promote rural social entrepreneurship and community engagement activities among the students and public. There SES-REC takes care of Sanitation & Hygiene, Waste Management, Water Management, Energy Management and Greenery. The SES-REC organized one day virtual online workshop in collaboration with MGNCRE, Hyderabad on 16th October, 2020. Three Business proposals from our students have been submitted to MGNCRE on 15th March 2021 for Business Plan Implementation Competitions – March 2021. During the Corona lockdown period, SES-REC along with MGNCRE organized “BEAT COVID CAMPAIGN” from 11th to 30th June 2021 in which our students have extended their volunteer activity through social media platform and rendered their service during COVID vaccination camp / food distribution for needy people.

Members of the SES-REC

  • Dr. A. Suresh, Assistant Professor of History – In charge of Water Management. 
  • Dr. B. Janarthanam, Assistant Professor of Botany – In charge of Greenery.
  • Dr. A. Koodalingam, Assistant Professor of Zoology – In charge of Waste Management. 
  • Dr. C. Kalimuthuraj, Assistant Professor of Economics – In charge of Sanitation & Hygiene. 
  • Dr. V. Venkatachalam, Assistant Professor of Physics – In charge of  Energy Management.