Placement Cell

The Placement Cell plays a crucial role in our institution by locating the various job opportunities for the Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

All the news about various courses, advertisements from Central and State Recruitment agencies and from Private organizations are displayed and projected to the students . Since the concept of ‘Entrepreneurship’ has gained rapid momentum, various entrepreneurship schemes of the Central and State Governments are also being communicated to the students.

Clarifications from the student about job opportunities are being aptly clarified by the Placement Officer. Various scholarships available to the Girl students and SC/ST students are also continuously communicated to the students.

The Placement cell invites more Companies, Private Banks and Insurance Companies to conduct campus drives.

The placement cell helps many students in getting part time jobs. Many students hailing from middle class and poor families, approach the Placement Cell for getting a part-time job so as to support themselves and their families.

  • The organized a Campus Placement Drive on 11th February 2020. Samarth Learning Solutions Private Limited, Chennai conducted the placement drive for their clients, with two private banks and 3 private insurance companies. Around 300 students participated in the placement drive and many students got their placement.
  • CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited, Chennai conducted a Placement Drive for the students for various positions in their organization. Around 150 students participated in the drive and 30 students were placed in different positions.
  • Congruent Solutions Private Limited, Chennai organized a Placement Drive through ONLINE for the position of Process Associate in their organization. Around 100 students participated in the online campus placement drive. Around 7 Students got selected and placed in that organization.
  • Organized three batches of free computer training program on ‘Tally and GST’ for the benefit of students. CADD Training Centre, Chennai conducted these computer training programmes.
  • To improve the communication skills amongst the students, a free ‘Spoken English’ course was conducted. VETA Institute, Chennai conducted the program.